Re: Multiple display text/icons (treat as LC comment)

Hmm, take the example below. I think it is pretty clear what I am trying to
do and i think this should be valid.


   <displaytext>Everything on is wcag aa and mok
   <displayicon src="" />
   <displayicon src="" />

Following on from this example - it seems reasonable to me that if more than
1 icon is acceptable then more than 1 displaytext is also acceptable. i.e.
you should be able to have a displaytext for each icon you want to display.
However, i can only see this working if we can associate displaytext with
displayicons. This would be particularly useful in a powder application as
it would allow the app to display a list of icons with some text beside

MOK.png - everything on is MOK compliant
WCAG.png - everything on is WCAG AA compliant
ICRA.png - everything on has nakedness


On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Smith, Kevin, (R&D) VF-Group <> wrote:

> I will aslo fix the schema so that validation will pick this up.
> --kev
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> Subject: Multiple display text/icons (treat as LC comment)
> Ivan H has been amending his Creative Commons/SW logo copyright example
> to fit in with the LC drafts and I'm just looking at it now.
> In one of his descriptor sets, Ivan has included two displaytext
> elements. This is, I'm sure, an oversight, but looking at the doc [1] we
> don't say that this is invalid - and the validator I'm working on
> doesn't spot this. So we have two options I'd say:
> 1. Amend the text to make multiple display text (and displayicon)
> elements invalid
> 2. Add a line to say that how a UA handles multiple display elements is
> application-specific (it might display both or the first one, or the
> last one or whatever)
> [1]
> Phil.

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