LC Comment Herman

I've extracted this from a mail to me from Ivan.

He wants to use POWDER to ascribe CC licenses to the SW logos. The 
examples he's created after reading the docs have been very helpful in 
raising issues over several months. The latest one is this:

- The intention I
had, when using the <seealso> was that for each resource in the resource
set, the following triple would also appear:

<.../logo.png> rdfs:seeAlso <>

but your translation (and the specification) uses the seealso to
annotate the _Class_ and not the individuals. Ie, the triple above will
not appear.

I realize that there may simply be no way around that. To be more exact,
there is, namely by defining the same restriction structure for
rdfs:seeAlso as for all other properties, which is perfectly o.k. for
OWL Full, but will drive you out of OWL DL. But if you know that, it is
worth documenting it somewhere so that well prepared users would be warned.

Received on Monday, 22 September 2008 13:53:12 UTC