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[pointerevents] Add deviceProperties.uniqueId to PointerEvent spec (#495)

[pointerevents] Add logical/abstract values for `touch-action` (#496)

[pointerevents] Clarify `pointerleave` and `pointerout` events when first pointer move after removing an element under the pointer (#477)

[pointerevents] Clarify what "suppressing a pointer event stream" really means (#504)

[pointerevents] Define active document for the active pointers (#300)

[pointerevents] Event sequence when long tapping an image (#503)

[pointerevents] redirects to old spec... (#506)

[pointerevents] Multi-pen support and persistent pointerId (#353)

[pointerevents] pointerout even if the pointer doesn't move? (#457)

[pointerevents] Rewrite the dispatch algorithm for click-like events (#494)

[pointerevents] Update targets of predicted and coalesced events when trusted event target changes. (#390)

[pointerevents] What should be the 'detail' property of pointer events? (#98)

[pointerevents] ‘Logical’ values for the ‘touch-action’ property (#505)

Minutes from PEWG meeting 10 April 2024

Minutes from PEWG meeting 22 May 2024

Minutes from PEWG meeting 24 April 2024

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