Re: [pointerevents] Clarify what event is `userEvent` to consider `click`/`auxclick` event target after `touchend` (or `pointerup`) (#508)

> Yeah, however, both Chrome and Firefox dispatch `click` event on the `#target` instead of `#parent` which is captured and is the target of `pointerup`. So, both browsers treat `userEvent` as the preceding `touchend` or `mouseup`.

I believe if you try chrome with the `--enable-blink-features=BoundaryEventDispatchTracksNodeRemoval` flag that it will dispatch to the captured target of the pointerevent instead (code [here](;l=1091;bpv=1;bpt=1?q=pointereventmanager)). @mustaqahmed I'm not sure why we have this change behind that flag, I thought this was a separate issue.

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