Re: [pointerevents] Add deviceProperties.uniqueId to PointerEvent spec (#495)

> I don't think it was just me thinking about having a separate object. [#353 (comment)]( In fact, based on it was @flackr who came up with the idea of separate struct :)

What wasn't quite captured in the minutes was that I suggested a separate struct as a response to the concern which had been raised prior :-). I'm not sure when it was discussed to find the minutes of. I wanted to find something we could agree on.

> And conceptually the new ID isn't about the event but about the device.

To clarify, the "device" in this context is the pen, not the touchscreen "device" which itself can sense multiple different pen's each having their own id's (and possibly style in the future).

I do think if we were to go back it could be an interesting separation to consistently put the properties which are about the pointer generally rather than its current location in a separate structure, e.g. pointerType, pointerId. You could also argue that coalesced events and predicted events are separate structures, that are just behind functions instead.

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