Re: [pointerevents] Clarify what event is `userEvent` to consider `click`/`auxclick` event target after `touchend` (or `pointerup`) (#508)

The note in that section implies (at least to me) that the userEvent is the PointerEvent (i.e. pointerup) whose default action caused the dispatch (excepting keyboard / accessibility means of dispatching clicks):

> Event userEvent could be a non-PointerEvent; for example, it is a KeyboardEvent when a click event dispatch is caused by hitting the spacebar on a checkbox element.
> When userEvent is a PointerEvent, userEvent is a [pointerup]( for a click or auxclick event, and either a [pointerdown]( or a [pointerup]( event (depending on native platform convention) for a contextmenu event.

But I'm not sure I understand the specific differences that are causing problems. Most pages won't be setting pointerCapture so the target of the click event will be the same as it usually is.

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