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Blog post: An EMV® 3-D Secure view of EMVCo, FIDO, and W3C activities Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 18 February)

Proposed changes to Card Network Identifier registry Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 18 February)

SPC for Open Banking Anders Rundgren (Thursday, 18 February)

FIDO/WebAuthn Payment Proposal Anders Rundgren (Wednesday, 17 February)

Canceled: 18 February Web Payments WG teleconference; next call 4 March Ian Jacobs (Monday, 15 February)

Please register: Remote meetings 29 March - 1 April Ian Jacobs (Monday, 8 February)

W3C has launched Patent Advisory Group for Web Payments Working Group Ian Jacobs (Friday, 5 February)

[Minutes] 4 February 2021 WPWG teleconference Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 4 February)

Re: Request to add paypak in card network identifiers Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 4 February)

[Agenda] 4 February 2021 Web Payments WG teleconference Ian Jacobs (Monday, 1 February)

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