Re: scribing in the new regime

From: Sandro Hawke <>
Subject: scribing in the new regime
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 11:55:11 -0400

> > URL's in the minutes are no longer turned into hyperlinks.
> Yeah, it's medium high on the feature-request list.

Umm, why not at the very, very top?

> > > What are all the (link) blobs in the minutes?  They appear to be
> > > self-pointers, which seem to me to be useless.  Perhaps they were
> > > suppossed to point into the raw IRC log?
> They work as intended.  They are there to make it easy to point to
> particular spots in the minutes, which seems like a common operation.

I don't see that this is a reasonable use of scarce display space.

> Suggestions for a way to make that more clear?  The text was "(link
> here)" at first, but that seemed to take too much screen space.   Maybe
> it should just be an image, like a small box or target or
> cycle-back-arrow. 

If you are going to keep this, I would really appreciate a way to turn
it off (and have it off by default).



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