scribing in the new regime

> URL's in the minutes are no longer turned into hyperlinks.

Yeah, it's medium high on the feature-request list.

> > What are all the (link) blobs in the minutes?  They appear to be
> > self-pointers, which seem to me to be useless.  Perhaps they were
> > suppossed to point into the raw IRC log?

They work as intended.  They are there to make it easy to point to
particular spots in the minutes, which seems like a common operation.
Suggestions for a way to make that more clear?  The text was "(link
here)" at first, but that seemed to take too much screen space.   Maybe
it should just be an image, like a small box or target or

> > Given that I'm supposed to be scribe this week, I would like to know  
> > how
> > to prepare the minutes in the new regime.  (Yay regime change!  (Maybe
> > this will get W3C pages to be blocked in places like China and the
> > USA.))

Hmmm.   I wont there today.   Want to try it without me?  :-)

   1.  Make sure RRSAgent is on the channel, logging:
         /invite RRSAgent
         RRSAgent, make record public

   2.  During the meeting, at some point, check who is present, eg with
       "Zakim, who is here?"

   3.  After the meeting, copy the the RRS agent log at


       with these three lines before the copied ones:
          00:00:00 <pfps> PRESENT: (fill in the list from step 2)
       and this line after them, at the end:

       and save on wiki.

   4.  Click on the link that appears as "nicely formatted version".
       See how it looks.  Go back and edit the wiki page as necessary

   5.  Eventually use the "Save" button on the generated version.

If you have trouble at some point, I should be able to fix whatever it
is tomorrow.

    -- Sandro

Received on Wednesday, 18 June 2008 15:56:30 UTC