RE: RDF mapping of datarange complements brings problem for DL/Full relationship

Hi Peter!

>> (Just to be clear: I did not suggest to extend the complements
>> of dataranges to the "whole" domain in OWL DL. This would
>> make no sense. I only stated that in *OWL Full* the complement
>> actually *is* relative to the whole domain, and that this
>> difference between DL and Full may lead to problems.
>> I write this mail here to show such a problem.)
>I don't see that the situation in OWL Full is forced.  The complement
>operator for dataranges could, I think, be relative to rdfs:Literal in
>OWL Full.

AFAICS, this would lead to rdfs:Literal being equivalent to owl:Thing.


Received on Wednesday, 4 June 2008 07:58:53 UTC