OWL 2 RL semantics?


I know that the official deadline for comments has expired, but I was
only just made aware of this issue.

>From the entailment checker section in the conformance document [1] it
seems that OWL 2 RL does not have the standard OWL 2 direct semantics,
but only the RDF-based semantics.
I do not understand why this is the case, as OWL 2 RL is a syntactic
subset of OWL 2.
One of the problems is that an OWL 2 RL entailment checker can,
according to the current definition, only take RDF documents as input;
not OWL ontology documents.
A more serious problem is that the RDF-based semantics is generally
quite hard to understand, and the relationship with the direct semantics
is not obvious.  It will thus be very hard to implement OWL 2 RL for
anyone who has a rule reasoner that does not work on the RDF level.

I strongly suggest to reconsider the semantics of OWL 2 RL, and give it
the same semantics as OWL 2 DL.

Best, Jos

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Received on Thursday, 5 February 2009 16:32:56 UTC