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Dear Philipp, all

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> Dear all,
> I attach the current version of the OWL ontology for ontolex core as well as an update diagram.
> On the last telco there was basically agreement on this. I kindly ask you to raise any remaining issues until Thursday next week.
> The telco on Friday 12th will be devoted to to a formal vote on the core, but we will also accept votes per email.
> From the point of time we formally agree on the core, all changes to the core will only be done after the majority here agrees on the changes.
> I have only one issue myself: So far, there are two "denotes"-relations in ontolex.owl. The first one is a properietary one introduced by ontolex.owl and the other comes from semiotics.owl.
> If possible, we should reuse the one from semiotics.owl I think.
> Aldo/all: is there any problem you see with that?

I do not see any problem. More verbosely, I agree because ontolex:OntologyEntity is a subclass of semio:Reference, while ontolex:LexicalEntry is a subclass of semio:Expression, and the intended conceptualization of ontolex:denotes is totally compatible with that of semio:denotes.

In order to make things progress, I edited Philipp's ontology (attached with a versioned name) by adding axioms there are missing in my view. For the denotes issue I only added an owl:equivalentProperty axiom, by please feel free to collapse ontolex:denotes as you suggest.

More in detail, that's the list of axioms that I added, please tell me if I'm wrong:

# denotes issue:
ontolex:denotes owl:equivalentClass semio:denotes .

# adding ontolex:OntologyEntity (depicted abd assumed, but not in ontology):
ontolex:OntologyEntity rdf:type owl:Class .
ontolex:OntologyEntity rdfs:subClassOf semio:Reference .

# subclassing LexicalConcept as a type of semio:Meaning (no disagreement on my proposal, correct?):
ontolex:LexicalConcept rdfs:subClassOf semio:Meaning .

# subpropertying ontolex properties to semiotics.owl properties for complete alignment:
ontolex:sense rdfs:subPropertyOf semio:hasInterpretant .
ontolex:evokes rdfs:subPropertyOf semio:hasInterpretant .
ontolex:reference rdfs:subPropertyOf semio:isConceptualizationOf .
ontolex:concept rdfs:subPropertyOf semio:hasConceptualization .

also added some (already agreed but missing) domain and range axioms.

> Once the core is done we will distribute responsabilities to work on a number of single modules: syntax-semantics / terminological and morphological variation / pragmatics / patterns and constructions, etc. We will devote one conference in a month to each of these modules.


> I willl rely on responsibles for each of these modules to prepare content and discussions. I advance that we might move to 2h regular telcos from then on.
> I will bring up the issue of moving to a W3C Working group again. As a first indication, could you all let me know if you are W3C members?

Yes, CNR is a member
> Talk to you today!
> Philipp.
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