Material for telco today

Dear all,

    I attach the current version of the OWL ontology for ontolex core as 
well as an update diagram.

On the last telco there was basically agreement on this. I kindly ask 
you to raise any remaining issues until Thursday next week.

The telco on Friday 12th will be devoted to to a formal vote on the 
core, but we will also accept votes per email.

 From the point of time we formally agree on the core, all changes to 
the core will only be done after the majority here agrees on the changes.

I have only one issue myself: So far, there are two "denotes"-relations 
in ontolex.owl. The first one is a properietary one introduced by 
ontolex.owl and the other comes from semiotics.owl.

If possible, we should reuse the one from semiotics.owl I think.

Aldo/all: is there any problem you see with that?

Once the core is done we will distribute responsabilities to work on a 
number of single modules: syntax-semantics / terminological and 
morphological variation / pragmatics / patterns and constructions, etc. 
We will devote one conference in a month to each of these modules.

I willl rely on responsibles for each of these modules to prepare 
content and discussions. I advance that we might move to 2h regular 
telcos from then on.

I will bring up the issue of moving to a W3C Working group again. As a 
first indication, could you all let me know if you are W3C members?

Talk to you today!


Prof. Dr. Philipp Cimiano
Semantic Computing Group
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University of Bielefeld

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