RE: [ACTION-224] Provide a section of MT service provider as user

Thank you very much Tatiana and Jörg!


We can close action 224 with this paragraph:



*/Machine Translation /*


This type of service is intended for a broad user community ranging from
developers and integrators through translation companies and agencies,
freelance translators and post-editors to ordinary translation consumers and
other types of MT employment. Data categories are envisaged for supporting
and guiding the different automated backend processes of this service type,
thereby adding substantial value to the service results as well as possible
subsequent services. These processes include basic tasks, like parsing
constraints and markup, and compositional tasks, such as disambiguation.
These tasks consume and generate valuable metadata from and for third party
users, for example, provenance information and quality scoring, and add
relevant information for follow-on tasks, processes and services, such as MT
post-editing, MT training and MT terminological enhancement.



Felix, should I edit the document in the wiki or you add it? 




Received on Wednesday, 3 October 2012 17:26:46 UTC