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From: Donna Parrish <donna@multilingual.com>
Date: 2012/10/3
Subject: [Moderator Action] MultiLingual Magazine
To: public-multilingualweb-lt@w3.org

Christian Lieske wrote a great article “Language on the Web“ in our current
issue of *MultiLingual. *Felix Sasaki asked about making the article
available to members of W3C. But we decided instead to share actual
subscriptions with W3C – not just the article. We have a print and digital
version as well as a digital-only version of the same content. The digital
content includes archives back for several years. So that means you will
also have access to articles such as a 2006 article on the semantic web
Lieske, Tim Nover and Leiichi Nakata.****

We have created this offer for anyone interested in W3C: A digital-only
subscription at no cost or for 30 USD, a one-year print subscription (which
also includes the digital version and archives.) ****

Instructions for signing up are as follows:****

Go to www.multilingual.com/subscribe and click on “Subscribe here.”

Select *MultiLingual Digital* and enter promotion code D92W3C* *for a free
digital-only sub, or* *P12W3C* *for a $30 (worldwide) print-with-digital sub
On the subscriber information page, enter your address, phone number and
e-mail address. (Be assured that we will not share your customer
information.) Once you have submitted your information, it is easy to click
through to the end of the transaction.

Access to the online magazine will reach you via e-mail. Be sure to add
subscriptions@multilingual..com <subscriptions@multilingual.com> to your
address book to prevent your firewalls or filters from blocking the e-mail.

Note that clicking on the "Archive" tab of your online issue will give you
access to back issues. Like the current issue, back issues may be
downloaded should you wish to add them to your permanent library.

You may also access the digital magazine by going to our home page at
www.multilingual.com and clicking on any article title under the Recent
Articles heading, then clicking on the "Already a subscriber?” link at the
end of the excerpt. If you reach a restricted page, simply enter your email

If you are subscribing to the print version, please be advised that the
digital issue will often reach your inbox 2-3 weeks before your print issue
will arrive in the mail.****

Enjoy the magazine – and thanks for all your great work at W3C!****

Donna Parrish

Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow

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