Re: Spec layering: name-value pairs and beyond

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> On Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:18:03 +0800, Philip Jägenstedt  
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>> I will commit this to CVS for further editing unless
>> there are objections during the day.
> I have already committed this. Note that I did *not* update the section  
> "Collected ABNF Syntax", that should really be automatically generated  
> anyway.

I changed the name of the production from mediafragment to namevalues for  
clarity. My intention is to use the ABNF production rules to rewrite the  
name-value list processing algorithm to something like this.

1. for each non-overlapping substring in input that is a valid production  
of the namevalue syntax:
1.1. let pct-name be the substring matching the name production.
1.2. let pct-value be the substring matching the value production.

The rest (percent-decoding and UTF-8 decoding) would still be the same,  
but I'm happy to rely on ABNF to avoid having to define what string  
splitting means, etc. If there is a declarative language (ABNF or  
otherwise) that can express that percent-decoding and and UTF-8 decoding  
be performed, I'd be happy to use that instead.

Note: By definition the input is a valid production of namevalues, if the  
input is from the fragment or query component of a URI.

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