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On Tue, 09 Mar 2010 18:53:18 +0800, Raphaël Troncy  
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> Philip (cc-ing the whole group)
>>> Philip,
>>> In revision 1.72, you remove the *segment productions. Why?
>>> Segment is the hat over fragment and query ... since we expect
>>> ultimately to cover both and re-use some bits of syntax.
>>> Why did you remove it?
>> For the reasons stated in the email I sent:
>> On Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:18:03 +0800, Philip Jägenstedt
>> <> wrote:
>>> E.g. the timeprefix and timeparam syntaxes should be matched against
>>> these
>>> strings, *not* any part of the URI. The timesegment syntax is simply
>>> removed as it (and all other foosegment productions) violates the
>>> layering
>>> of media fragments on top of name-value lists.
>> The *segment productions simply make no sense if we layer media
>> fragments on top of name-value lists, unless we have a way to express
>> "any string that after percent-decoding and UTF-8-decoding is ...".
> There is no violation. Wait that Yves introduces (again!) this  
> production rule and you will see that there is no contradiction.
> You miss the fact that we wanted a generic syntax that works for query  
> and fragments.

If MF is to be modeled on top of a name-value lists, then clearly it is a  
violation of layers for the MF syntax to be concerned with the separators  
used in the layer below.

This *is* a generic syntax that works for both query component and  
fragments, since the definition of fragment and query in the URI spec is  
exactly the same.

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