Re: W3C TPAC2010 Meeting Schedule: 1-5 November, Lyon, France

Can't hurt to reserve a room. There's plenty of ppl in Europe and I'm
sure we'll have some international attendance. I'm not sure yet, but
will see closer to the date.

2010/3/8 Raphaël Troncy <>:
> Dear all,
> The W3C TPAC 2010 meeting will be held in Europe, in Lyon (France) on 1-5
> November. We have been asked if the Media Fragments WG would like to meet
> during this week. We need to reply by April 16th so I suggest we cover this
> topic at the end of our f2f meeting.
>  Raphaël
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> Sujet: W3C TPAC2010 Meeting Schedule and request for Group input
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> Date : Thu, 04 Mar 2010 11:52:44 -0500
> De : Ralph R. Swick <>
> Pour : W3C Members <>,Group Chairs <>,
> Technical Architecture Group <>
> Continuing the well-received series of W3C All Working Group,
> Technical Plenary, and Advisory Committee meeting weeks, I am
> pleased to announce that we have negotiated a European venue for
> TPAC this coming November.
> The W3C Working Group, Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee
> meetings week (TPAC 2010), will be held in Lyon, France at "Cité
> Centre de Congrès de Lyon" [1], from 1 to 5 November.  We are aware
> that these dates are the week before the ISWC and IETF meetings;\
> we tried diligently to find a convenient venue that was available on
> another week but unfortunately due to our late start on that task
> we found few viable alternatives.
>  [1]
> The Centre de Congrès de Lyon is a very large conference facility
> with many amenities in a single area.  It is also the venue chosen
> for the 2012 World Wide Web conference (which fact contributed
> to our getting favorable terms for the facility).
> There are 3 hotels housed within the conference center proper and
> many other hotels nearby and throughout Lyon.  A list of hotels at
> various price ranges as well as other details will be included on an
> overview page we will send shortly.
> The current plan is to hold Group meetings on Monday 1 Nov, Tuesday 2
> Nov, Thursday 4 Nov, and Friday 5 November.  The Technical Plenary Day
> will be held all day Wednesday 3 November. The AC Executive Session
> will start on the evening of Tuesday 2 November and will be continued
> in the morning of Thursday 5 November.  A registration fee of 40 Euros
> per day will be charged to defray a portion of the costs of the venue
> and necessary services.
> So that we can make the appropriate adjustments to our contract with
> the conference center by the necessary deadlines, I ask a Chair of
> each Group to complete the WBS Questionnaire [2] telling us if and
> when your groups would like to meet during this week.  (Remember,
> if you chair multiple groups you will need to appoint an alternate to
> complete the questionnaire all but one of your groups.)
>  [2]
> We ask that you complete at least the date preference, estimated
> attendance, flexibility, joint meetings, and overlap portions of this
> survey by 16 April 2010.
> Please discuss the meeting within your Group at the soonest possible
> time and coordinate with other groups with whom you would like to
> meet.  The Face-to-face and cross-group meetings at previous TPACs
> have proven to be quite valuable to our W3C work.  Please consider
> how this meeting fits into the milestones for your deliverables and also
> take into account any restrictions on travel your participants may be
> facing.
> Thank you all for your cooperation and continued support.  I am sure
> you join me in looking forward to a fruitful and interesting TPAC2010.
> Best Regards,
> Ralph

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