W3C TPAC2010 Meeting Schedule: 1-5 November, Lyon, France

Dear all,

The W3C TPAC 2010 meeting will be held in Europe, in Lyon (France) on 
1-5 November. We have been asked if the Media Fragments WG would like to 
meet during this week. We need to reply by April 16th so I suggest we 
cover this topic at the end of our f2f meeting.


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Sujet: W3C TPAC2010 Meeting Schedule and request for Group input
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De : Ralph R. Swick <swick@w3.org>
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Continuing the well-received series of W3C All Working Group,
Technical Plenary, and Advisory Committee meeting weeks, I am
pleased to announce that we have negotiated a European venue for
TPAC this coming November.

The W3C Working Group, Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee
meetings week (TPAC 2010), will be held in Lyon, France at "Citť
Centre de CongrŤs de Lyon" [1], from 1 to 5 November.  We are aware
that these dates are the week before the ISWC and IETF meetings;\
we tried diligently to find a convenient venue that was available on
another week but unfortunately due to our late start on that task
we found few viable alternatives.

   [1] http://www.ccc-lyon.com/

The Centre de CongrŤs de Lyon is a very large conference facility
with many amenities in a single area.  It is also the venue chosen
for the 2012 World Wide Web conference (which fact contributed
to our getting favorable terms for the facility).

There are 3 hotels housed within the conference center proper and
many other hotels nearby and throughout Lyon.  A list of hotels at
various price ranges as well as other details will be included on an
overview page we will send shortly.

The current plan is to hold Group meetings on Monday 1 Nov, Tuesday 2
Nov, Thursday 4 Nov, and Friday 5 November.  The Technical Plenary Day
will be held all day Wednesday 3 November. The AC Executive Session
will start on the evening of Tuesday 2 November and will be continued
in the morning of Thursday 5 November.  A registration fee of 40 Euros
per day will be charged to defray a portion of the costs of the venue
and necessary services.

So that we can make the appropriate adjustments to our contract with
the conference center by the necessary deadlines, I ask a Chair of
each Group to complete the WBS Questionnaire [2] telling us if and
when your groups would like to meet during this week.  (Remember,
if you chair multiple groups you will need to appoint an alternate to
complete the questionnaire all but one of your groups.)

   [2] http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/34786/TPAC2010/

We ask that you complete at least the date preference, estimated
attendance, flexibility, joint meetings, and overlap portions of this
survey by 16 April 2010.

Please discuss the meeting within your Group at the soonest possible
time and coordinate with other groups with whom you would like to
meet.  The Face-to-face and cross-group meetings at previous TPACs
have proven to be quite valuable to our W3C work.  Please consider
how this meeting fits into the milestones for your deliverables and also
take into account any restrictions on travel your participants may be

Thank you all for your cooperation and continued support.  I am sure
you join me in looking forward to a fruitful and interesting TPAC2010.

Best Regards,

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