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On 29 May 2013, at 15:58, John Arwe <> wrote:

> > Let us say that since they allow relations to be added to any 
> > resource, the fact that they can also 
> > add relations to the current LDPC is not of their essence. 
> I want to be crystal clear what it is I might be agreeing to:  when you talk about 'any resource', are you referring to some of the other "pending drafting" resolutions that move function from LDP*C*s to LDP*R*s?  If so, which one(s)? 

I am saying there is no restriction the Range of the ldp:membershipSubject Property. So it can be any resource, right?

> "added" will just bring us back to the "it's not just about create" discussion.  And they're not "allowing" anything that I can see (but please remind me if I'm forgetting something), they're informing clients about certain specific side effects (in the case of create/delete) and how to enumerate members (all cases, including read-only).  I think their "relationship" to the LDPC (particular side effect, if you tilt your head the other way) is "of their essence" by my understanding of those words. 

There are two things: 
 1. members of an LDPC are added via the rdf:member relation
 2. other relations that get added when you POST content to an LDPC: membershipXXX
It's up to you to specify what the point of adding those relations is. There is nothing in the UC&R for it, so I can't
really tell, and their addition was not discussed in this WG.

> > > The ldp:memberXXX relations would probably best be renamed 
> > don't necessarily have anything to do with rdf:member. So naming them that 
> That's cognitively interesting.  I see you stop reading after member.  I stop after 4 additional letters (-shipXXX).  See the world in a grain of sand. 

ldp:relationshipPredicate, ... would also be fine. As Arnaud has pointed out a few times on this list an ldp:relationshipPredicate
object need not be a subProperty of rdf:member.

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