Re: ISSUE-71: second bug tracking example

> I am saying there is no restriction the Range of the 
> ldp:membershipSubject Property. So it can be any resource, right?

*that* I can agree with.

> There are two things: 
>  1. members of an LDPC are added via the rdf:member relation
>  2. other relations that get added when you POST content to an LDPC:
> membershipXXX
> It's up to you to specify what the point of adding those relations 
> is. There is nothing in the UC&R for it, so I can't
> really tell, and their addition was not discussed in this WG.

rdfS:member, and yes *if we assume* in-flight proposals to redefine the 
spec are resolved as you wish.

In the submission and in the current spec, those relations replace the 
subject/predicate of the membership triples. 
Saying there's nothing in UC&R is irrelevant, UC&R is about ... lemme 
see... Use Cases and Requirements.  It's function is not to specify 
Saying their addition was not discussed with the WG is pretending the 
world is other than it is. 
We've had the questions, discussions in the WG more than once, (and there 
are examples in the spec+submission to motivate them).  You might not find 
them sufficiently convincing for your personal tastes, but that's a 
different matter.

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