Hi all,
On the call today Eric brought up the question of whether we were planning 
to meet at TPAC. I said I hadn't seen anything about that yet but in fact 
I've found that a request was sent to the chairs several weeks ago about 
this. Oops.
The event is in China, the week of November 11-15:

TPAC 2013
 11-15 November 2013
 Shenzhen, China
 Tencent is the Exclusive TPAC Host

Given that we won't have another call for another 2 weeks I'd like to ask 
whether people think we should plan for this or not?

Here is my perspective:

It's always nice to participate in TPAC.
Going to China is nice.

November isn't when we would normally meet next if we stay on a meeting 
every 3 months. That would be 5 months after Madrid.
We don't have a need to meet with any other group at this time.
China is far (takes time and it's expensive)

The Cons outweigh the Pros, I think.

Do you think you would be able to go if we did meet at TPAC?

Arnaud  Le Hors - Software Standards Architect - IBM Software Group

Received on Monday, 20 May 2013 20:24:03 UTC