Re: Status codes for DELETE

On 2013-05-17 5:10 , "John Arwe" <> wrote:
>>State that only 200, 202 and 204 are allowed status codes for a
>>successfull DELETE.
>If your intent is "MUST NOT" use others, I'd be Very Reluctant to do
>that.  Any valid HTTP status code should be allowed, including those not
>yet invented.  LDP might only specify required behaviors on ones that it
>knows about at time
> of writing, and for anything else either remain silent or come out and
>say that LDP does not specify the behavior.

we shouldn't even think about constraining HTTP. LDP should be using HTTP
(and not some profile of HTTP you have to know about when talking to an
LDP server), and any HTTP client should be able to talk to an LDP server
(and then has to understand the LDP vocabulary, but that's a different
layer). so +1 to not constraining/special-casing HTTP.



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