Re: Status codes for DELETE

> State that only 200, 202 and 204 are allowed status codes for a 
successfull DELETE.
If your intent is "MUST NOT" use others, I'd be Very Reluctant to do that. 
 Any valid HTTP status code should be allowed, including those not yet 
invented.  LDP might only specify required behaviors on ones that it knows 
about at time of writing, and for anything else either remain silent or 
come out and say that LDP does not specify the behavior.  I say "might" 
because, unless we consciously intend to restrict the behavior vs HTTP, 
we'd be better off just saying the behavior is as HTTP defines... and if 
necessary (informatively!) summarizing what we think that means for common 
cases, to simplify the spec's usage by clients.  There's always a tension 
there between how much bigger/scarier you make your spec seem by 
re-stating things normatively specified elsewhere, and how much you depend 
on readers knowing intimately a set of dependent specs in order to catch 
the implications.

I'm not saying LDP is there today, either.  But if people strongly 
disagree with the view, let's have that discussion.

> Rewrite the second MUST so it covers the case of 202 (Accepted) 
Strawman: (replace first clause, second sentence)
LDP 1.0. 4.5.1 LDPR servers MUST remove the resource identified by the 
Request-URI. Once it has been deleted, a subsequent HTTP GET on 
the same Request-URI MUST result in a 404 (Not found) or 410 (Gone) 
status code.

> and of reusing URIs.

yes - per earlier discussions

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