Re: On ISSUE-58: Property for asserting that complete description of members is included in LDPC representation

[catching up after whacking other moles for a while]

> Additional note on options A & B, it makes more sense to say these 
> are properties of the ldp:Page and not the ldp:Container.  The 
> ldp:Page resource describes the response: order, amount, which 
> resource it is paging, etc.  So I would propose rewording Options A 
> & B to replace ldp:Container with ldp:Page.

Echoes a discussion Pierre-Antoine and I had recently.
I've agreed with him from day 1 that "inlined", in whatever form, is 
metadata about the representation rather than part of the resource's 
(container's) state.  I think this moves us in that direction, so hearty 

I'm further assuming that as I deal with affordances generally we're going 
to make future decisions that Might alter the syntax, which should not at 
all prevent us from getting consensus on the semantics nor on agreeing to 
a syntax by which we express it (which is all included in the discussions 
this week).

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