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Re: ISSUE-36: Summary of ways of making containers

From: Wilde, Erik <Erik.Wilde@emc.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:55:30 -0500
To: Roger Menday <roger.menday@uk.fujitsu.com>, Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
CC: "public-ldp-wg@w3.org" <public-ldp-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CD26EC75.D03F%erik.wilde@emc.com>
hello roger.

On 2013-01-24 11:38 , "Roger Menday" <roger.menday@uk.fujitsu.com> wrote:
>Let's say that LDP is the web for robots (i.e. HTML is replaced by RDF,
>hypermedia -> hyperdata). What is the application out there on the human
>web which requires container creation, which we also need to offer to our
>robotic clients ?

any kind of app that wants to include LDP services in its own services,
and that wants to provide collection creation (explicitly, or for data
management reasons) as part of its services. let's take an app that allows
people to manage giant amounts of LDP-style data. it uses some scalable
LDP service in the cloud. when a new client joins that app, a new
collection in created for this client, where the client can now manage RDF
data. in addition, the app does value-added things that help the user to
better manage their data than through vanilla LDP. in such a scenario, the
LDP cloud service needs to provide a service for creating collections,
since there is no other way for the value-added app to talk to it; there
is no behind-the-scenes connection between the LDP service and the
value-added app.

do you think this scenario qualifies?


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