Re: AGENDA: LD4LT call Thursday 17th July 15.00 CEST, 13.00 UTC

Thanks a lot Penny for your feedback,

I can modify the wiki 
<> with your 
comments, or if you like feel free to edit it yourself.
The next step would be editing the spreadsheet 
with a detailed account of the classes and properties.
It has been suggested during the call linking the type of resources to 
the dcat:Distribution (described by a dcat:mediaType); I will update the 
model with this. Similar feedback is welcome!


El 17/07/2014 10:52, Penny Labropoulou escribió:
> Hi all.
> I' m sorry but I' m not sure I' ll be able to join you at today's meeting.
> So, I would like to send some input for ACTION 5 - the discussion on the
> licensing module, based on the META-SHARE experience and current ongoing
> discussions on its improvement. Sorry, it will only be some bullets and I'll
> be able to add more comments next week.
> First of all, I agree with Victor's proposal and his recommendations
> regarding the licensing module. (One minor point to clarify things: we have
> used the spelling "licence" instead of the "license" because we decided to
> stick to the European spelling rules for the whole model, but this is minor;
> license can just as easily be used).
> Victor's recommendations regard mainly the licence component per se and I
> agree they can be adopted as they are ; comments for this
> .	it is important to identify what should indeed remain in the
> licenceInfo (or whatever its name is) describing the licence itself and only
> the licence
> o	add URIs, as proposed
> o	keep licence name (identified by human users)
> o	add version information (e.g. CC 4.0, etc.)
> o	the use of the ODRL or any such other language for representing
> conditions/restrictions/permissions of use: GREAT! but maybe keep some
> descriptive element for human consumption also
> o	for some licences (e.g. ELDA licences), the elements membershipInfo
> (not translated by UPF) are used; discuss which licences will be RDFized and
> the need of extra elements for this
> At META-SHARE, there's also a set of elements that link a specific resource
> to a specific licence (what in META-SHARE was inside the distributionInfo);
> things to consider for this:
> o	a resource may be linked to more than one licences (e.g. a
> commercial and a non-commercial one)
> o	dual licensing of a resource, i.e. a resource accessed via an
> interface, is available with two licences, one for the contents and one for
> the interface
> o	irrespective of the licence, some elements are needed for legal
> reasons, e.g. licensor, IPR holder, distribution rights holder, attribution
> text/url; discuss if these should be at a separate module
> o	distribution/access medium: this has been added to the
> distributionInfo module because certain resources had a different way of
> access depending on the licence; this seems to be abandoned; especially for
> open resources, most of them are downloadable or can be accessed via a web
> interface; discuss if this is indeed to be kept in this module
> Best,
> Penny
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> Hi Dave and all,
> Am 16.07.2014 um 18:19 schrieb Dave Lewis <>:
>> Hi all,
>> Just a reminder that our regular call is tomorrow, Thursday 17th July,
> 15.00 CEST
> 0717T13&p1=1440&ah=1
>> dial-in details:
>> and on
>> #ld4lt
>> please join me if you are able.
>> Agenda below, let me know if you have any other items to discuss:
>> Topic: Action item review
>> -----------------------------------
>> ACTION-5: Victor - proposal for a license module
>> Victor provided draft. Will cover in agenda item below.
>> ACTION-7: Felix - Check with w3c groups if there are other approches to
> represent languages as uris
> This is done, see
> though we probably should discuss how or even if to move forward with the
> topic.
> - Felix
>> ACTION-8: Dave -Look into isa work related to dcat profiles and report
> back
>> See mail - to be discussed in MS CORE vocab:
>> ACTION-9: Jorge - Implement changes in metashare spreadsheet
>> see agenda item below
>> ACTION-10: Jorge - Identify some external vocabularies to use in ms
>> Topic: Annoucements
>> ------------------------------
>> Felix or Sebastian: MLODE call and LD4LT workshop:
>> Dave:
>> FEISGILTT one day workshop at locworld Vancouver
>> Topic: META-SHARE vocabulary CORE
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> Review updates to vocabulary at:
> NTlDYpQ/edit#gid=0
>> (note: Jorge has added column headed 'NEW' and some existing MS vocab
> columns are hidden and can be accessed via little triangle in header
> Suggested updates in new columns being tracked in blue)
>> Issues:
>> - use of DCAT
>> - separation of certain parts onto separate modules
>> - modelling character encoding
>> - modelling language codes
>> Topic: META-SHARE vocabulary LICENSE
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> Discussion of Victor's contribution:
>> Topic: Next meeting
>> ---------------------------
>> Topic: AoB
>> ---------------

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