ACTION-8: EU ISA work related to DCAT profiles for META-SHARE

Hi all,
As discussed in the last meeting, in relation to ISSUE-3 "Role of dcat 
in metadata model <>", 
you can find more information of the application profiles of the W3C 
DCAT standard for dataset meta data ( at:

Specifically, they have produced an application profile for the use of 
DCAT for governmental info in the EU, see:

This document explains a lot of the use cases and benefits of using DCAT 
for data set meta-data, so from these it seems clear that many of the 
advantages translate to META-SHARE.

The document represents a good way for how to specify an agreed 
meta-data vocabulary for a class of data sets as a profile of DCAT, i.e. 
in our case for META-SHARE. This involves identifying which classes and 
properties of the model they regard as mandatory and which are optional 
(see section 6 and 7 of the PDF) and also where specific taxonomies or 
type codes should be used for specific attributes (section 8 of the PDF).

In the case of the META_SHARE taxonomy we would simply need to make the 
proposed 'LanguageResource' class a subclass of dcat:DataSet 
( and then work outwards 
from that.

In many cases we are adding new LR-specific attributed to this meta-data.

For some we may be able to replace current attributes with dcat or 
dublin core attributes as specified in DCAT, but then specify the range 
more precisely as in section 8 of the EC application profile.

In some cases, other DCAT classes of Catalogue 
(, CatalogueRecord 
( and Distribution 
( may be more 

We can discuss this further on the call tomorrow (agenda coming soon).


Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 11:27:35 UTC