RE: i18n tests for HTML

That would be great Philippe!  We might want to also think about having tests being submitted (where appropriate) in xhtml rather than just html.  I'd be happy to create a script that would generate html tests from the approved xhtml tests.

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On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 13:54 +0100, James Graham wrote:
> Another passing thought I had is that many of these tests look like they 
> could be refactored to be reftests (compare rendering of two documents 
> for (in)equality). This would allow them to be run automatically rather 
> than requiring manual work.

Seems a good idea but that will require more work. I might do a two
stages approach, convert them to HTML 5 first and only after that look
into making reftests.

Richard, re your PHP script, I can certainly do that for the HTML 5
conversion but I doubt it's going to be easy for reftests since we need
to generate two files.


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