Re: [widgets] ITS in Widgets

Hi Marcos,


> As we are fully committed to having a suitable i18n solution 

> for P&C, the Web Apps working group would like to co-ordinate 

> with i18n to address this issue at the markup level. We want 

> to discuss the creation of a new specification that would add the 

> span/dir functionality in the widget namespace. We are only 

> proposing this because various members (Opera included) have 

> expressed that they would be more willing to implement the ITS 

> functionality if it was defined in the widget namespace.


This should be doable.


The ist:span element is just one possible way to provide the format with a span-like
element. The important part is that a span-like element exists so different attributes can
be applied to the selected span of text. (See the i18n best practices here:


For its:dir, it is also doable: Most ITS data categories, including Directionality, can be
mapped to an existing markup as long as that markup provides the same features. So, an ITS
tool processing a Widget file can use something like the following rules to map the
Widget's dir attribute:






 <its:dirRule dir="rtl" selector="//w:*[@dir='rtl']"/>

 <its:dirRule dir="ltr" selector="//w:*[@dir='ltr']"/>

 <its:dirRule dir="lro" selector="//w:*[@dir='lro']"/>

 <its:dirRule dir="rlo" selector="//w:*[@dir='rlo']"/>







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