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Hello Dan,

There is no chance that the eight character limit can be extended for reasons of compatibility. Using “-“ to continue a tag might have some unintended side-effects. Notably, matching and truncation of language tags assumes that subtags can be removed at the hyphen mark.

If you can’t stay within an eight character limit, you might consider having a “short name” field for use in language tags (as an alias). The subtags don’t have to be perfectly mnemonic.


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After I left the call it occurred to me that our first entry that we want to create, "pinyin2001", would not meet your 8-character restriction.

Is there any possibility for either a) increasing that character limit, or b) allowing for us to use '-' to continue our tags?

I expect that the character length limit, as in MSDOS, will be the biggest sticking point.

-- dan

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