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The ABNF [RFC5234]  for the ‘extension’ subtag is specified in RFC5646 as :

extension     = singleton 1*("-" (2*8alphanum))


It seems that something like p-pinyin-2001 conforms to this syntax, so it seems already possible to b) use ‘-‘ to continue our tags.


The ABNF for the Pronunciation Alphabet registry tags would need to become:

tag-format = (2*8alphanum) *("-" (2*8alphanum))

at the most, or some subset of this, such as:

            tag-format = 2ALPHA *5(“-“ 2*8(ALPHA / DIGIT))

if it is to be allowed within a language tag’s extension.


[[ For info: the current proposal is tag-format = 2ALPHA *5(["."] 1*20(ALPHA / DIGIT)), so we’ll lose the “.” and long names. ]]


-- Paul



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After I left the call it occurred to me that our first entry that we want to create, "pinyin2001", would not meet your 8-character restriction.

Is there any possibility for either a) increasing that character limit, or b) allowing for us to use '-' to continue our tags?

I expect that the character length limit, as in MSDOS, will be the biggest sticking point.

-- dan


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