Re: Issue 88, content-language-multiple: change proposal

On Jan 13, 2010, at 10:37 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:

> As a result of the i18n telecon discussion I have changed two things in the change proposal:
> [1] Propose that 'document-wide default language' now be changed to 'Content Language pragma language' (not very beautiful, but most accurate).
> [2] Added another impact:
> "Establishes a clear precedence model for language declarations: language attribute is stronger than HTTP or pragma (defined in HTML 4), pragma is stronger than HTTP (not clear in HTML 4)."

Hi Richard,

Where is the word "pragma" coming from?  I know what it means in computer
language processing and in HTTP, but neither has anything to do with
content-language and I find it very confusing.

My concern for HTML5 is that the orthogonality of http-equiv be preserved.
I suggest you take the lead on the changes regarding language default and
I'll construct a change that makes it clear what http-equiv means and why.


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