Re: discuss pronunciation registration with i18n?

Addison, I can join you for your teleconference tomorrow.  If we  
encounter questions I cannot answer without recourse to other group  
members we can arrange a follow-up meeting.

Can you please send me email directly with your zakim code?

-- dan

On Jan 12, 2010, at 5:39 PM, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> Hello Daniel (et al),
> I am writing on behalf of the I18N Core WG. We recently have  
> received a number in inquiries about an IETF Internet-Draft prepared  
> by members of your WG and related to work on SSML and PLS. This is  
> draft-burnett-pronunciation-alphabet-registry-00.
> There is some concern in the Language Tagging and I18N communities  
> that your approach to identifying pronunciation alphabets might not  
> be the best choice for future needs of your users or for language/ 
> pronunciation identification. The thought is that the attribute you  
> use for pronunciation alphabet maybe should use a language tag and  
> that your registry should be an extension of BCP 47 language tags.
> You and I reviewed this together during TPAC and I think I  
> understand the reasons for the approach your WG choose. However, we  
> would like to ensure that the I18N WG understands and documents your  
> reasons well and the WG as a whole would like to consider whether we  
> would recommend something different. As a result, I have been asked  
> to invite you and/or appropriate representatives of your WG to meet  
> with us in one of our upcoming teleconferences or at some mutually  
> agreeable time.
> Or next teleconference is tomorrow, Wednesday, 13 January, at 17:30  
> UTC (12:30 Boston, 9:30 San Francisco). If this is not convenient (I  
> realize this is late notice), we could also meet next week or at  
> some other time, if you'd care to propose it.
> Please advise as to your availability and whether you have any  
> comments/concerns/questions I can help prep you with.
> Thanks,
> Addison (for I18N Core WG)
> Addison Phillips
> Globalization Architect -- Lab126
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