Re: [MWBP 1.0] i18n comment: Indicating language changes in links

Le samedi 29 avril 2006 à 18:24 +0900, Felix Sasaki a écrit : 
> The i18n core working group disagrees with your resolution. We think
> that especially for the mobile scenario it is very likely that users
> encounter content in languages they cannot foresee. Hence, it seems to
> be a good practice to indicate a change of the language.

After discussion with Richard, we agreed to modify the wording under
LINK_CONTENT_FORMAT to mention language as one of things worth
"Links to content that is in a different format or different language to
that of the page the link is on (i.e. content that can only be
interpreted by other applications or downloads) should be human

Given that this came as a result of discussion with you, we assume
you're satisfied with this resolution.


Received on Thursday, 18 May 2006 15:51:34 UTC