RE: [MWBP 1.0] i18n comment: Support Unicode

Le jeudi 04 mai 2006 à 15:22 +0100, Richard Ishida a écrit : 
> The current text, however, doesn't particularly encourage content authors to
> use UTF-8. On the contrary, since it talks about using the value of the
> Accept-Charset header and is noncommittal about which encoding is being
> indicated using the Content-Type header and what determines the choice of
> encoding, it makes no clear recommendation to use utf-8.

As discussed with you in a separate thread, the BPWG has agreed to amend
the text under the Character Encoding section to clarify why using
Unicode is good choice:
"Encoding of the content to a desired character encoding is dependent on
the authoring tools being used, Web server configuration and the server
side scripting technology being used (if any). For a discussion of this
see [CHARSET1] and [CHARSET2].

Unicode is a good choice for representing content when served in
multiple languages. The amount of bandwidth required to transmit content
can vary significantly depending on the character encoding used. Text
consisting principally of characters from the Latin alphabet will encode
more efficiently in UTF-8, whereas text consisting principally of
characters from ideographic scripts will encode more efficiently in
UTF-16. When choosing a character encoding, consider the efficiency of
the available encodings.

Since the Default Delivery Context specifies use only of UTF-8, all
applications should support UTF-8.

As this came as a result of a discussion with you, we assume that you
are now satisfied with this resolution.


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