RE: HTML 5.1 Use Cases

HTML Working Group,
Thomas Fine,
Robin Berjon,
Digital books, digital textbooks and other digital publishing scenarios, scientific and scholarly publishing, can be very exciting new usage areas for HTML 5.1.

Also in the context of the new usage areas are XML-based citations, quotations, references, and footnotes in HTML documents■.  Some implementation discussion topics, in that regard, include:
(1) Redefining the semantics of the <cite/> element.
(2) Adding a @cite attribute to <cite/>, as per <q/>.
(3) Adding <reference> elements.
(4) Adding <footnote> elements (see also:

<reference> elements, describing numerous types of materials with metadata model(s), can be implemented with XML attributes from the HTML namespace, extensible XML attributes from external XMLNS, nested <meta/> elements, or with other techniques.  A new CSS module ( is possible for citations, quotations, references, footnotes, figure and equation numbering, and other scientific and scholarly digital publishing topics.  A design goal could include HTML 5.1 document markup which can be styled to any scientific and scholarly document style (

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