HTML 5.1 Use Cases

HTML Working Group,

Greetings. HTML 5.1 is an exciting development. On the topic of use cases, there is a W3C Digital Publishing Workshop on February 11th ( with program and position papers to be posted on January 15th. There could be upcoming a number of ideas and discussion topics regarding digital books, digital textbooks, and W3C technologies including HTML. Digital publishing, digital books and digital textbooks could be use cases for HTML 5.1.
Scholarly and scientific communication could be another use case. Scholarly and scientific documents, mathematical documents, documents previously in PDF formats authored in LaTeX or AMS LaTeX, can be considered as use cases, also in the category of digital publishing, during the HTML 5.1 process. New features to discuss, for example, could then include an XML-based citing and referencing system, one or more CSS modules, and any other popular LaTeX and AMS LaTeX features.

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Received on Saturday, 8 December 2012 11:35:15 UTC