Some HTML 5.1 Discussion Topics

HTML Working Group,
Some HTML 5.1 discussion topics include, in addition to a set of HTML.Next ideas ( ,, the technological topics of: MathML, 3D graphics, WebGL, SMIL, multitouch, voice user interfaces, SSML, SRGS, computer lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries and indexes, objects and structured knowledge in digital textbooks, RDFa, and enhancing the web-based and desktop-based search of collections of HTML-based documents.

Some other technological topics include: the speech recognition and synthesis of mathematical and scientific notation, JavaScript and MathML, JavaScript and RDF, JavaScript and RDFa, and other JavaScript API topics.  Multimedia synchronization topics include hypertext, audio and video overlays, 3D graphics, and speech synthesis.

Some other topics for discussion include:

1. Towards XHTML as HTML.
2. A sentence element.
2a. For example <s> where an <x> element could be for the semantics of the previous <s> element.

3a. Facilitating the speech synthesis of document object model trees, for example XHTML+SSML+CSS3 and XHTML+SSML+MathML+CSS3.
3b. CSS Speech Module ( could have styling for indicating document structure to speech synthesizers, e.g. sections, paragraphs, sentences, and other SSML structure.

4. Speech recognition, SRGS / SISR, in web browsers.
4a. SISR, JavaScript and browsers.
4b. SRGS / SISR to DOM trees, e.g. speech recognition of XHTML+MathML.

5. XHTML+SMIL subset.
5a. Hypertext, audio and video overlays, 3D graphics, and speech synthesis.
5b. SMIL and WebGL, SMIL and X3DOM.
6. <meta> and <link> elements as subelements of more elements, for example <article> and <section>.

7. The <data> element can have a @type attribute for a URI, interoperably with RDFa, XHTML+RDFa.

8. An XML-based system for quoting, citing, referencing documents, referring to document elements, figures, with CSS styling, for scholarly and scientific document use cases, possibly resembling LaTeX macro concepts in XML-based documents.
8a. The <cite> element can have a @cite attribute.
9. Clipboarding.
9a. Enhanced clipboarding for hypertext, multimedia and 3D graphics.
10. Document and JavaScript features to utilize new browser features possible with new platform features.

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