RE: Issue 131 next steps (was: Working Group Decision on ISSUE-205)

> b) Work with Frank and others to see if they will withdraw or modify their proposal

The Chairs have not heard back from Richard on which of the options proposed by Sam in the message below.  

In order to help the Chairs determine how to proceed with ISSUE-131 it would be useful to know if you would be willing to withdraw your change IFF Richard withdraws his change proposal.   If both you and Richard agree to withdraw your change proposals then we would do a Call For Consensus to transfer ISSUE-131 and its associated bugs (bug 11239, bug 11342, bug 12604) to HTML.Next.   

If you do not want to delay the processing of ISSUE-131 then the chairs will wait to see which of the options Richard prefers.  

Note that you should NOT take this request for information as pressure for you to withdraw your ISSUE-131 change proposal.  How you want to proceed is totally your decision.


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Subject: Issue 131 next steps (was: Working Group Decision on ISSUE-205)

On 08/02/2012 12:59 PM, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> */For these reasons I would ask that the chairs move issue 131 to 
> and save proposal 
> /*
> */ for review at that time. This will give more time for canvas, 
> contenteditable, web-based IME support, and cross-cutting 
> accessibility support to develop and mature. If the chairs agree to 
> then I would support the chairs decision for HTML5 as a temporary one 
> requiring greater view in the next version, otherwise I will need to 
> formally object to the chairs decision.


You are certainly welcome do one or more of the following:

a) Withdraw or modify your CaretSelectionRevised proposal from/for consideration for HTML5.

b) Work with Frank and others to see if they will withdraw or modify their proposal

c) Submit an alternate proposal indicating that the spec should remain as is and that the Reading_text_in_canvas proposal should be deferred to

d) Submit a Formal Objection

Meanwhile, these parallel options are available to all working group members.  In particular, until or unless the Reading_text_in_canvas proposal is withdrawn, it is still eligible for consideration.

Therefore, we encourage you to first work with Frank and others.

Should that not satisfy you, the way to ask the chairs to move issue 131 to is to withdraw CaretSelectionRevised, and write up a Change Proposal to defer the feature.  If it helps, you can base your proposal off of Ted's proposal for issue 195[1].

If you do so, and Reading_text_in_canvas is not withdrawn, we will proceed to a survey and all WG members will be given an opportunity to state their objections to each of the available proposals there.  And a decision will be produced based on the objections expressed there.

None of the actions described above would prevent you from submitting CaretSelectionRevised for consideration for, or for submitting a Formal Objection to the decision on Issue 205.

- Sam Ruby


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