Re: Change proposal for ISSUE-173: split-appcache

On Wed, 12 Oct 2011 13:56:09 +0900, Mark Nottingham <> wrote:
> • Rationale: AppCache is clearly not of the same maturity and quality as  
> the rest of the HTML5 specification; take-up has been quite slow, and  
> it's often remarked that it's confusing and surprising to developers.  
> While the W3C is planning a workshop to help adoption, it's not at all  
> clear that AppCache is a suitable base for offline Web applications.  
> Furthermore, it is a clearly separable part of the HTML specification.

A. It is widely implemented and used quite a bit too.

B. It integrates quite deeply with document loading, navigation, and HTML  
parsing. It is not clearly separable.

> • Proposal Details:
>      1. "Cut Offline Web applications" from the HTML5 specification,  
> along with all references to it.
>      2. Create a new WD and paste the cut text into it as a separate,  
> standalone draft. Note that W3C has already published a draft at  
> <>, so this would effectively be  
> reverting its incorporation into HTML5.

These details do not address point B above.

Anne van Kesteren

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