revert request for spec change

Dear Chairs,
The html5 editor has made a conformance change to the a element in respect
to theARIA  roles that can be used.

The conformance requirements present in the spec prior to the change
were the result of this working group decision

subsequently a bug was filed:

this bug proffers no new data or evidence, it simply states:

"Should disallow <a> elements to be made into buttons, checkboxes, radio
buttons, tabs, or tree items, since those are all semantic abuse"

On the baseis of the above comment the editor made the change. The rationale
provided by the editor proffered no new data or evidence only vague staments
about 'hurting accessibility'

Vague unsubstantiated statements are not sufficient to override a working
group decision, Changing the conformance requirements  because "Hixie said
so" is not a convincing reason as hixie himself [1] said so recently.

 I therefor request that this change be reverted (

If the editor can bring new data to the working group then of course the
issue can be reconsidered

with regards

Steve Faulkner
Technical Director - TPG | |
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Received on Sunday, 2 October 2011 12:27:35 UTC