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> Philip Jägenstedt>> "From what I have read of the TTML spec, I do not  
> want to support it in Opera, mainly because it fails to make use of CSS  
> for styling".
> I keep hearing that this is a big problem and I'm not understanding it,  
> TTML does "make use of CSS for styling", it just happens to also make  
> use of parts of XSL:FO and SMIL.
> Could you elaborate on exactly what it is you are looking for from CSS?  
> And more particularly what version of CSS. TTML could use CSS selectors  
> to apply its style properties, but that can't be it; because CSS  
> selectors won't work on a text format like SRT, which you seem to think  
> is a good direction.
>  If it's the generalised box model to support vertical text you are  
> objecting to in TTML, then can we take it Opera will not be implementing  
> CSS3 when it's done, as it is busily migrating those XSL modifications  
> to CSS that TTML styling relies on. What advantage would you see in  
> moving TTML back to a non-internationalised text model? Especially when  
> an example of vertical text is included as a use case in  

As Tab said, the point is to use only CSS, using the CSS syntax (not a  
subset of CSS mapped from some other syntax).

As for actual features, I'd want to be able to use at least webfonts,  
text-shadow, text-outline, transitions, and translations, as well as any  
other new innovations made in CSS, without having to change anything about  
the caption format (which a mapping would require).

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