RE: Timed tracks

Philip Jägenstedt>> "From what I have read of the TTML spec, I do not want to support it in Opera, mainly because it fails to make use of CSS for styling".

I keep hearing that this is a big problem and I'm not understanding it, TTML does "make use of CSS for styling", it just happens to also make use of parts of XSL:FO and SMIL. 

Could you elaborate on exactly what it is you are looking for from CSS? And more particularly what version of CSS. TTML could use CSS selectors to apply its style properties, but that can't be it; because CSS selectors won't work on a text format like SRT, which you seem to think is a good direction. 

 If it's the generalised box model to support vertical text you are objecting to in TTML, then can we take it Opera will not be implementing CSS3 when it's done, as it is busily migrating those XSL modifications to CSS that TTML styling relies on. What advantage would you see in moving TTML back to a non-internationalised text model? Especially when an example of vertical text is included as a use case in 

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