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> In HTML 4, <object> is allowed as a child of <head>. Not so in the
> current HTML5 draft.

More complexities are possible, but the <object declare> in the head 
was not intended to be active, just used as a model or sort of 
prototype or template for an <object> later actually appearing as 
embedded content within the <body> ... </body>.
I had some examples of the way objectr declare should work if evver 
but probably lost them when I realized it was not being implemented.

SInce this idea is clearly dropped from HTML5 and there is no related 
HTML5 concept like this, then html5 browsers should not accept this 
except as experimental so that people could get the important idea of 
being able to declare an object structure in the head for later 
instantiation using minimum code; only stuff that is different or 
added from the declaration.

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