Re: Re-registration of text/html

On 21.02.2010 10:09, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Feb 2010, Julian Reschke wrote:
>> HTML5 contains IANA instructions to change the specification for
>> text/html from RFC 2854 to HTML5
>> (<>)
>> Thus, if HTML5 forbids something (such as @profile), you can't serve it
>> as text/html anymore, even though you might be using an HTML 4.01
>> doctype. (Well, you *can* serve it as text/html, it "just" wouldn't be
>> correct anymore).
>> There are two ways to fix this
>> 1) let the MIME registration continue to allow serving HTML 4.01.
>> 2) make more of HTML 4.01 valid HTML5.
> I would like to make sure we don't do anything radical in our IANA
> registration here, so if there's anything I can do to bring it more in
> line with what RFC 2854 did, I would be happy to do so (except, of course,
> where the new text is an improvement or fixing known bugs). What specific
> text in RFC2854 allows HTML, HTML+, HTML2, and HTML3.2 to be used with
> text/html? I'd be happy to use the same text in our IANA registration (and
> of course adding HTML4).

Whether RFC 2854 allowed pre-HTML4 content is an interesting historical 
question, but not the primary one.

What's important is whether the new text/html will allow existing HTML4 
content to stay valid; content including things like @profile, for 
instance. Right now it doesn't, and I believe that is a problem.

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Best regards, Julian

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