RE: New round of Working Drafts (was Re: New split-out drafts)

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010, Paul Cotton wrote:
> 1. WD Short name
> > Microdata is currently here:
> >
> We need to recommend the "short name" for this WD for when it appears on 
> the W3C TR page.  The above URL suggests we might use "md".  Should we 
> use "md" or a more meaningful "microdata"?

I've changed it to "microdata" (though it's still "md" in CVS).

> 2. Status Section
> I believe the Status section of this document needs to be updated:
> a) The first sentence of the Status section needs to uniquely describe 
> this particular WD:
> "This is the first Public Working Draft of the "HTML Microdata" 
> specification for review by W3C members and other interested parties."  
> This material was published previously as part of the [HTML5] 
> specification.

The "status of this document" section is basically the same as what I've 
used in all the other specs I'm editing at the moment (Web Storage, Web 
Workers, Server-Sent Events, HTML5, Web Sockets API, etc), and none of 
them have such a unique paragraph; they all have a unique Abstract above 
the Status section instead.

> b) Since the Status section is supposed to describe the unique status of 
> the WD, I would like to suggest that you add a paragraph as the second 
> paragraph of the Status section.  For example:
> "This Working Draft includes the following changes:
> * conversion to a standalone Working Draft that is layered on top of W3C HTML5.
> * <other changes made during the FPWD conversion>"

I would much rather we publish changes in the HTML Diffs document that 
Anne is publishing, as we have done in the past -- keeping track of the 
changes made here as well as in the other places where changes have been 
made would be a substantial extra effort. None of the other specs I am 
editing have a Changes section, since the changes are so widely distibuted 
already, and so anyone who wants to know what the changes are can easily 
find out, using one of the many ways described in the status section.

> 3. References
> >[HTML5] 
> >HTML5, I. Hickson. WHATWG, August 2009.
> The HTML5 reference in this document points to the WHAT WG version of 
> HTML5.  This reference should be changed in the W3C FPWD to point to the 
> W3C version of HTML5.


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