Re: TAG ACTION-407 -- text/html media type and legacy

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I understand the desire to satisfy the MIME registration compatibility  
requirements. However, it looks to me like this proposed text makes  
HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, and HTML 4.0 conforming for the text/html MIME  
type, whereas RFC2854 only allowed HTM 4.01. Are these additions  
intentional? I don't understand the purpose of expanding conformance  
relative to the previous registration to include these long-obsolete  

Also: RFC2854 allows a profile of XHTML 1.0 (presumably Appendix C) to  
be sent as text/html, whereas the proposed text below does not. Is the  
omission intentional?


On Apr 15, 2010, at 10:34 AM, Henry S. Thompson wrote:

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> Further to our discussion of the HTML 5 draft approach to updating the
> text/html media type registration, the TAG today agreed to request the
> change below.
> Your ISSUE-53 (note that we, perhaps mistakenly, had previously
> suggested this would relate to HTML ISSUE 4) is relevant.
> In section 12.1 [1]
> Add
>    *Introduction and background*
>      HTML has been in use in the World Wide Web information
>      infrastructure since 1990, and specified in various informal
>      documents.  The text/html media type was first officially
>      defined by the IETF HTML working group in 1995 in [HTML20].
>      Subsequent standardization work at the W3C relevant to this
>      media type was published in [HTML32], [HTML40] and [HTML401].
>      This registration updates [RFC2854] by identifying this
>      specification as the relevant specification, without ruling out
>      continued use of the text/html media type for older documents.
> and replace
>    *Interoperability considerations:*
>        Rules for processing both conforming and non-conforming
>        content are defined in this specification.
>    *Published specification:*
>        This document is the relevant specification. Labeling a
>        resource with the text/html type asserts that the resource is
>        an HTML document using the HTML syntax.
> with
>    *Interoperability considerations:*
>        This specification defines rules for processing not only
>        conforming also non-conforming documents, including those
>        which conform to the early specifications listed above.
>    *Published specification:*
>        This document is the relevant specification. Labeling a
>        document with the text/html type asserts that the document is
>        a member of the HTML family, as defined by this specification
>        or those listed above [ref Introduction and background], and
>        licenses its interpretation according to this specification.
> ht, on behalf of the TAG
> [1]
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