Re: Web IDL Garden Hose (was: ECMA TC 39 / W3C HTML and WebApps WG coordination)

On Sep 27, 2009, at 00:36 , Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Indeed, much of the custom [[Get]] etc. functionality can be turned  
> into
> ES5 meta-object stuff.  A pertinent question is then: should we change
> Web IDL to specify an ES5 binding (and not ES3) at this point, given
> that specs depending on it want to advance along the Rec track?

I would tend to be rather in disfavour of anything that might cause  
WebIDL to be delayed in any way. I also think that keeping the ES3  
binding is useful (in the short term at least) if only because it is  
familiar, which might point to building the ES5 one separately.

If at all possible I'd rather it went to LC ASAP, and if needed that  
new stuff be done in a branched document.

Robin Berjon -

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