Cross posting madness must stop.

Comparing <>
with <> and <> shows why this
cross posting madness must stop. Some messages in this thread are only
posted to one side of the W3C / ECMA divide, indicating that some posters
only subscribe on one side. These posters are mutually opaque to the posters
subscribing only on the other side of the divide, leading to a fragmented
conversation. For example, the excellent posts by David-Sarah Hopwood <>
have generally gotten responses only from the ECMA side. Some later messages
from the W3C side seem to have missed some of his points.

Rather than create a list specific to the WebIDL->ES5 language bindings, I
suggest an open public list for discussions likely to be of interest to both
communities. Are there any territoriality issues one should be aware of
before creating such a list?


Received on Sunday, 27 September 2009 19:36:45 UTC